What kind of experience are you looking for?

A moment of peace, just for you? Time to bond with friends or family? Or a new adventure with colleagues? Choosing the right experience is your first step towards forest happiness!

Spending time in the forest is one of the most fun ways to invest in your health, well-being and productivity.

Our Forest Experiences


Learn how to use your senses to connect to the forest environment. Immerse yourself in nature to slow down and nourish your mind.


Nature connects us all. Prague's dreamy parks provide an unparalleled environment to get closer to your partner, friends or family.


Spending time in nature enhances work productivity and fosters friendships. Discover how the forest can inspire your team!



Visiting Prague and looking for a unique experience? Book a guided tour of one of Europe's most beautiful city parks and get ready to dive into nature.


Turn forest bathing into a healthy habit. The tracker follows a personalized track of 5 walks, exploring local flora and practicing mindfulness.


The forest is an adventurous place for young children. This walk for young explorers and their parents aims to balance curiosity and concentration.

The more you practice, the more you feel.

Every Sunday, the Forest Hub community meets in one of Prague’s nature parks to enjoy a morning walk and practice mindfulness. Join the community and start building healthy habits for yourself.